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I am Currently employed at Goal Academy Ranch where I am the CTE Coordinator/Industrial Arts Teacher.

I was also employed at North West Artic Borough School District for the last 4 years as an Industrial Art/CTE Instructor.  While there I taught K-12 grades in shop, math, science, health, FCS 1 and 2, social studies, and Inupiaq Studies.

While at Las Animas Middle/High School I created a new classroom program to help retain at-risk students.  Some of these students were at-risk of dropping out of school, had dropped out and came back to try this new program, were failing many subject areas, were having problems in the normal classroom environment, or were getting close to their 17th birthday and had just given up on school!
The new program that I created was called a 30/20 study program.  Every Day for 30 minutes we worked on regular academic core classes on the computer using the A+ learning systems, then for 20 minutes we worked on Vocational programs for their elective.  This part of the program was to help teach them a trade and skill that they could use while in school and out of school as well in the world of work.  These students were taught how to make pens/pencils and other lathe turned wood projects to market, sell, and make a profit where 60% would go into the student’s pockets and 40% back to the program to pay for materials.

In my second and third year it was decided by administration that I might better reach more people if I would just reopen the wood shop and try to reach even more students than the 6 per class period each day.  I began working with about 10 to 14 students per hour the second year and in my third year I made the maximum students to 10 and this still proved too many with at-risk kids.  4 – 6 seem to be the maximum number of students to work with in an at-risk program in the Vocational field.

There are several pictures that follow that show some of the students (with their signed permission) working on various products at the wood lathe and other pictures of the actual products made by them.