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I believe that a teacher is to be a caring and responsible individual that helps students not only in the learning process, but also in developing the desire to learn.  A teacher cannot merely be a lecturer from the front of the classroom and expect the students to behave properly or to be excited about the subject area.  A teacher must be involved enough in the students' lives to support them in their individual areas of interest.  A teacher needs to facilitate a learning environment; that is, a place where a student can feel comfortable but also feels compelled to always strive to do better.  A teacher must be well-organized and well-prepared in order to explain the subject at a reasonable level and in order to make the subject matter relevant to the students.  A teacher must be dedicated enough to stretch their comfort zone and their knowledge base in hopes to make a student feel comfortable enough to ask questions and to enjoy the subject matter.  A teacher must be a change agent and be willing to change as well. 

As an Administrator one must be all the above but also remember never to ask anyone to do something they would not do, could not do, or is unable to do.  Everyone has the ability to learn from the teacher to the student.  An administrator must first be a servant before they can lead.  Respect is a two-way street and must be earned.  Others may respect your title but you must earn the right to lead others and gain their respect over time.  Being an administrator is a privilege not a right or passage of time.